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Nicole Wiet

Nicole Wiet is a journey level IUEC elevator constructor and served two terms on the IUEC Executive Board. She is a founding member of the BC Tradeswomen Society, a partner in obtaining government funding to improve the culture and retention for tradeswomen. She sits on the governance board for the BCCWITT and was on the planning committee/speaker at the inaugural Women Build BC Conference for tradeswomen in 2021. She spends her free time adventuring with her partner and attending Whitecaps FC matches where she aided the creation of an inclusive and safe supporters group named the South Sisters.

Merch Store

We have a merch store!! All proceeds from the store go to the BC Tradeswomen Society. We have two designs: Our traditional green boots and a Pride version.  Order and pay via the website and choose your region for pickup. The items will be delivered to … Read More »Merch Store

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Tradeswomen Build Nations 2023

The 2023 Tradeswomen Build Nations Conference will take place in Washington, D.C. from December 1st to 3rd. This conference serves as a unifying platform for thousands of tradeswomen, making it the largest gathering of tradeswomen worldwide. Originally hosted in California in 2002, it has since… Read More »Tradeswomen Build Nations 2023

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