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HeroWork Volunteer Project

HeroWork: Surrey Urban Mission – The Cove

Sunday Volunteer Group Photo

The HeroWork project was The Cove, which is part of the Surrey Urban Mission.

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This transitional shelter, called the Cove, houses 42 people, providing hot showers, laundry, meals, overdose prevention, and community connection services. But it is also unsightly for the neighbourhood and needs a transformation to better serve clients as they transition to recovery and permanent housing.


On September 24th, ten volunteers from the BC Tradeswomen Society came together with many other volunteers for a day of volunteering organized by HeroWork at the Cove in Surrey, BC. We had plumbers, electricians, a sprinkler fitter, an arborist, an elevator mechanic and many others coming together wherever they were needed.

BCTWS Director at Large Rachel and Kathleen were leading the plumbing needs of the building and did an amazing job getting all their tasks completed. Carissa spent most of her time at the top of a ladder doing various electrical tasks. Jodi, Ann and Sarah were working as carpenters for the day building planter boxes. The rest of us: Natalie, Crystal, Rebecca and Nicole worked inside the building to prepare and paint fresh coats of paint on the walls.

It was great having two founding directors of the BC Tradeswomen Society working together, after all these years, to make an impact on their community.

Thanks again to all the BC Tradeswomen Society members and friends who came out to make a difference.

Here more information about the Cove and the Surrey Urban Mission as well as a link to donate.

Here are some great photos of the finished project, everything looks so much more inviting and fresh after all the hard work.

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